XUP-Series AC/DC Power Supplies
1 to 9 outputs from 1.8 to 350VDC (any combination) - UL 60950 Safety Compliant
700W Output Power packaged up to 8 Watt/In3
2-Unit Combo Package is available for 1 to 18 outputs up to 1400W
Low Output Noise 0.25% (typ.)
Extended Ambient Temperature Range of -40 to 75ºC
Universal Input 90-264VAC
Active Power Factor Correction to EN61000-2-3.
Full Safety Approvals: UL, cUL, TUV, CE

2UP - 2-module package, 460W, 1-3 outputs, 2.5"x 4.13"x 7.3"
3UP - 3-module package, 700W, 1-5 outputs, 2.5"x 5"x 7.3"
4UP - 4-module package, 1000W, 2-7 outputs, 2.5"x 5.87"x 7.3"
5UP - 5-module package, 1200W, 2-9 outputs, 2.5"x 6.75"x 7.3"
2-Unit Combo Package - 2400W, 1-18 outputs, 5.0"x 5.87"x 7.3"

Datasheet: XUP-Series.pdf
Mounting Drawings: 2UP.pdf, 3UP.pdf, 4UP.pdf , 5UP.pdf, ComboPlate.pdf

Adjustable AC/DC Power Supplies
Single 48V, 60V, 72V or 110V output
Adjustable 5-100% with a remote 0 -10VDC.
External Output EMI Filter
Combo Packages up to 1400 Watt
Universal Input 90-264VAC
Full Safety Approvals: UL, cUL, TUV, CE

700W, single output 5-50V/5-65V/5-80V/5-120V , 2.5"x 5.87"x 9"

Datasheet: 4UPFB-data.pdf
Mounting Drawings: 4UPFB-dwg.pdf

19" Rack Pluggable AC/DC Power Supplies
700W and 1400W Pluggable XUP Series
1 to 14 outputs 1.8-350VDC
TUV NRTL Approved

Single Unit Package, 5"x3"x10"(14"), 700W
Dual Unit Package, 5"x6"x10"(14"), 1400W

Custom AC/DC Power Systems
Output power up to several kWatt
Low Output Noise and ripple <10mV(pk-pk)
Voltage Sag Immunity - SEMI F47 Compliant
High Voltage Outputs up to 350VDC and 0.01% Noise & Ripple
Sheet Metal Fabrication

Multiple Outputs 2-350VDC 0.5 - 5kW
Modular Platform for Fast Design Cycle
Compliance with SEMI F47 Voltage Sag Immunity Standard

270 Watt waterproof IP67
IP67 Rated Enclosure
Operating Temperature: -20 to +65 degrees C
270W Full Rated Output
Universal Input:90 to 264Vac
Output Voltages: 12 to 48Vdc
Very Low Output Noise/Ripple

Optional Active Load Sharing for N+1 Redundancy
Optional Power Fail and DC Power Good Signals

Datasheet: 270W IP67 Power Supply.pdf
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